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Carolyn Kim
Mesa Sophia

We are excited about horses and have made it our mission to share this enthusiasm with others. We specialize in providing the horseless rider with positive equine-related experiences. The knowledge and experiences gained yield a base that can be built upon by specialized disciplines or activities.

We believe that riding and working with horses provide benefits that include:

cardiovascular fitness, muscle definition, improved balance and coordination

exercise, horse-related activities, personal goal fulfillment

horsemanship skills, horse management, riding skills

Stress Relief
use muscles, provide exercise, improve concentration skills

learn horse husbandry, participate in horse-related activities, improve and test skills, enjoy the outdoors

We teach english-style lessons. We practice safe horsemanship and attempt to match the skills of our riders to the appropriate horse and lesson program. Our curriculum includes catching, grooming, saddling, bridling, and riding as well as basic equine care. The specific program used for each participant is determined by that rider's goals.

Most lessons are private and are conducted in our indoor arena. They are generally one-hour sessions and cost $35 each. Although most lessons are private, semi-private and group lessons are occasionally available.

NOTE: All riders are required to wear helmets and boots or shoes with heels for their safety. Bicycle helmets are acceptable.

You are welcome to visit our farm, tour our facilities, ask any questions that you have, and enjoy the atmosphere that we have created.

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