Up Front Horses

Work to Ride

We are excited about horses and have made it our mission to share this enthusiasm with others. We try to provide opportunites for the horse-less rider and the owner with limited resources. To this end, we will exchange for about 3 hours of stall-cleaning labor:

One Riding Lesson on our horse or yours.
One Hour of Riding on our horse or involvement in other horse-related activities.
$25 Credit toward boarding your horse or leasing one of ours.

We have about 25 stalls that we clean daily. The work is hard and dirty and requires the ability to lift 25 pounds off and on for about 3 hours. It provides a good workout but can be a bit much for someone that is very young or out of shape. If this sounds like an opportunity that would appeal to you, please call or e-mail Vicky and we will schedule a time for you to meet with us and discuss your interests and availability.

Up Front Horses
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