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When you think of horses, what comes to mind? Excitement? Freedom? Beauty? Fear? Expense? Hard work?

We want to help you experience the excitement, freedom, and beauty of horses without the fear, expense, and hard work normally involved with those horses, their use and maintenance.

Up Front Horses was created with the sole intent of "getting people excited about horses". We provide:

Riding Lessons. A variety of horses are available for lessons. For more information, click here
Sales. Young, started, and seasoned horses are available for sale. For more information, click here
Boarding. Box stalls with pasture turnout are available at times. Several stalls are available now. For more information, click here
Training. Training and conditioning are available on a limited basis. For more information, click here
Breeding. Stud service is no longer available. For more information, click here
Work to Ride. Exchange your labor for the opportunity to ride a horse or obtain a discount for horse board. click here
Tractors. Farmall tractors are a passion too. We use them for farming and are always looking for more projects. click here
Information. Links and other resources. click here

Up Front Horses
14870 75th Ave. NE
Rice, MN 56367-9736

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